Day will be richer than night

30 Jan

Thank You

20 Jan

Thank you.

I have grown so much and discovered so much about myself.

I have an interest in acting and am glad to be able to explore that. I learned a lot from everyone I interacted with. Most of all, I am glad for the handful of people I have grown closer to. I know these are the people I will keep in touch with and be friends for life.

Thank you Honey (Chong Qing), for all the advice and encouragement. Words cannot express the gratitude I have towards you. You were there for me when I was lost and there for me when I found my way. I love you :) I look forward to your productions and will support it to the fullest!

Thank you to everyone who have shown me love. It is a warm industry where seniors and veterans look out for newbies like me. Thank you Jeanette, Aileen 姐, Xiang Yun 姐, Belinda, Paige, Rebecca and to everyone whom have helped me one way or another.

Lastly, I want to thank my fanclub, Adelogyworld, who have been there for me from the start. Thank you for supporting me and growing with me. I love you!

My last few productions will be Its a Wonderful life (Premieres 21 Jan, Weekdays at 9pm), Art Beats (Premieres 3 Feb, Sundays at 1030pm) and Start-Up (Premieres 28 Mar, weekdays at 10pm).

I am finally going to embark on a role which I know will be my father’s favorite, of all the roles I have played.


Scream and shout

11 Jan

When you have the universal language, the earth rotates for you.


9 Jan

And then I finally saw them.

Video 2 Jan

來忘掉哭泣 來懷念歡喜 那披星戴月日子依然熟悉 不相信有絕望 不感覺到猶豫 像亡命的旅程 每天一樣繼續 廣闊的天與地 漂泊的我和你 所有故事發生都在友情歲月里 風吹過已靜下 淚光漸漸清晰 讓過去就讓它都過去

I think Shawn Yue’s acting has reached another level. I used to think of him as a good-looker who coasts mostly on that but he has blew me off with this portrayal. His baby face was absent in the movie I guess imaging does play a big part.

Cold War and now The Guillotine. A huge wave of up and coming male leads.

I like.

Breath of life

30 Dec

We’ll run away if we must.



22 Dec


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